Regional brand creation

Combining tourism resources and accommodation facilities
to create a new brand for the region

Creating value for the future through travel experience


Solve the challenges that rural area faces

With a declining population, falling birthrate, and aging population, rural areas are facing problems such as a shortage of manpower (successors) and vacant houses.By converting and operating idle real estate into lodging facilities, we aim not only to attract domestic and international tourists, but also to solve the problems faced by local communities by creating communities where local residents can live with peace of mind, eliminating vacant houses, and promoting employment for local residents.

Sustainable Community Development

We work together with local businesses, such as lodging facilities, restaurants, hot spring, souvenir shops, and traditional crafts, to welcome tourists throughout the region, and to conduct business activities not only in pursuit of sales and profits, but also with individuals and businesses to fulfill social responsibilities such as local production for local consumption, creating a town where people live happily pursueing gender equality. We are developing our business while creating communities.

Local Experience

There are many attractive experience in Japan (rural areas) that are not listed on the Internet or in guidebooks.While staying at our hotels, we offer travel experience to our guests so that they can fully savor the true charm of the region, such as going to local izakaya, participating in a local festival, or planting rice with local granpa.


Design in harmony with the community

We design buildings to integrate the traditional crafts, culture, and landscape unique to the area.

Local Production for Local Consumption

Providing local food and specialties for BBQ, breakfast, catering, etc. We deliver the charm of the region.

Creating Value with Local Stores

In cooperation with local residents and stores, we will provide unique experiences, such as birthday cakes, beauty treatments, fishing experiences, etc.

Regional Coordinator

Regional coordinators who live locally will guide you through the attractions of the region.


Your one word may change our world.