Utilization of
Unused Real Estate

Protecting, Connecting,
and Lighting Your Valuable Assets

Various real estate issues

I have a vacation home,
but I use it only a few days a year

I'm trying to rent a house,
but I can't find any customers

I own real estate (land/buildings)
but have no use for it

The reason why
our customer choose us

Flexible real estate utilization

Real estate can be utilized in various ways according to the owner's wishes, including sales, leasing, and management

Enhancing added values of Real Estate

Increase rent and sales value by converting to a rare lodging facility

Peace of mind through one-stop service

Provide meticulous support, made possible by our all-in-one approach to the planning, design, and operation of accommodation facilities

Examples of Utilization

1. Building a vacation house rental on a narrow lot

By constructing a two-story house on an unused land of about 12 tsubo which can be used as a hotel 365 days a year, even narrow land can be monetized as lodging facilities.

(Average monthly sales: 800,000 yen)

2. Operated automatically as an unmanned hotel during periods of non-use

You can monetize your villa by running it as a hotel during periods of not in use. Cleaning and building maintenance are also managed centrally to prevent deterioration, and you can use the property like a hotel when you use it yourself.

(Average monthly sales: 600,000 yen)

3. Convert a vacant condominium unit into a private accommodation

For properties that don't receive many rental applications, you can rent them out as vacation rentals during vacant periods. Not just for short-term stays (up to 180 days), but by also renting them out as weekly/monthly apartments, you can utilize them efficiently.

(Average monthly sales: 600,000 yen)

Flow of Real Estate

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