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Exclusive Hotels

The villa-type resort vacation rentals specializing in domestic and international resorts are fully equipped with spacious living rooms, gardens, swimming pools, open-air baths, saunas, etc., and are completely private and one rank above business hotels in terms of being integrated with nature.

Scarcity & Capital Gains

Resort vacation rentals are a rare real estate product that can only be handled under limited conditions and in limited areas. Therefore, It is possible to aim for higher capital gains than with ordinary real estate investments.

Low risk & high profitability

By managing the business in an unmanned/manpower-saving model utilizing technologies such as ICT and IoT, it is possible to keep initial and running costs low while receiving high income gains.


Proposals from specialists in each industry

Specialists in each field such as "financial planners," "building constructors," "first-class architects," "administrative scriveners," and "revenue managers" involved in real estate investment, construction, licensing, and lodging operations work together to provide the best investment plans and real estate products to meet our clients' needs.

Proposals for prime and unlisted properties

We handle not only publicly available real estate information, but also undisclosed profitable real estate utilizing our nationwide network of real estate agents. We offer our clients only the best properties that can be used as accommodations and still be profitable.

One-stop opening support

In order to eliminate all the hassles for our clients, we assign a dedicated project manager to provide a full range of services from planning, design, and operation to the opening of the lodging facility.

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