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Profitable real estate

With our extensive knowledge of planning, design, and operation of hotels and private accommodations, we create "residence hotel (profitable real estate)," which is the third option after residential and investment real estate.


We provide a full range of services for personless hotel and private accommodation projects utilizing ICT, IoT, and PMS, including real estate search, planning, design, permit application, operation, cleaning management, and photography.

Regional brand creation

We will discover the charms of the region in terms of food, people, goods, places, etc., integrate them into the design and management services, and provide customers with local brands (food and activities) through the hotel.


We develop and provide various platforms that make real estate, hotels, and travel more convenient and accessible. Through technology, we create innovations in travel.


Nowhere Group Inc. is an one-stop provider of total services across the business of planning, design, operation, and management of small-scale lodging facilities throughout Japan.

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Make it happen together



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