A hotel that fosters new 'connections',
more accessible and loved by the local community

Nowhere aims to create
and discover local brands,
and to serve as a base for
connecting people to people,
people to places,
and people to things.


Unique planning and
customer-attracting capabilities
cultivated through a wide variety
of operational achievements

We will acquire accommodation reservations from both domestic and international guests through unique plans that maximize local attractions and a multi-channel strategy that utilizes a variety of OTAs and SNS.

Sustainable unmanned and manpower-saving operating model

By utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as ICT and IoT, we will build a sustainable operating model that is not dependent on human resources while ensuring a high operating profit margin.

High customer satisfaction through a thorough management system

Through rigorous cleaning management based on a manual and customer service tailored to our guests' needs, we achieve high customer satisfaction. We aim to attract new customers through word of mouth and strive to increase our repeat business rate.

One-stop support and hassle-free operation

One-stop service for hotel operations, from initial set-up prior to opening to attracting and serving customers, accounting, and maintenance during the operation period. There is no hassle involved in the operation of the hotel.

Revenue management by professional hoteliers

Hotel management professionals who have handled a variety of lodging facilities, large and small, will provide optimal revenue management based on their accumulated knowledge and dedicated revenue management tools to maximize revenues.

A hotel created in close cooperation with the owner

Based on our accumulated operational knowledge, we will work with you to create an ideal hotel that reflects the owner's aspirations, not to mention ensuring business profitability.

Offered Plans

One-Stop Management Plan

We provide one-stop service from property selection, permit application, design construction, and operation management.

Consulting plans

We also provide consulting services for only the necessary parts of the process involved in opening a new business.


Cumulative number of cases handled - such as, facility design, management, obtaining permits and approvals

Over 70

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