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In the operation of hotels and lodging facilities, 'cleaning' is indispensable. Just one piece of trash in a clean hotel can leave a bad impression. 'CLEANX9' utilizes IT technology for meticulous cleaning, delivering a more satisfying stay experience for our guests.


Accommodation cleaning

We provide cleaning services for hotels, private accommodations, houses, and various other lodging facilities on your behalf. From kitchen and plumbing cleaning, garbage disposal, replenishment of supplies, to bed making, we perform all the essential cleaning tasks for the operation of lodging facilities quickly and meticulously. We use manuals for each facility and information technology to improve quality and uniformity.

Office cleaning

We provide high quality, low cost daily and periodic cleaning services for offices and stores from once a week. We offer custom-made cleaning plans that reflect the characteristics and requirements of each facility.

House cleaning

We primarily handle restoration work and house cleaning at the time of vacating various rental properties such as apartments, condominiums, and single-family homes. Pursuing techniques and quality, we deliver highly satisfactory results and have earned the trust of many customers.

Three reasons why
CLEANX9 is chosen

Highest quality

We provide homogenized, high-quality cleaning services by enhancing our partner development and training programs.

Flexible support

We can flexibly support requests for services other than cleaning services, such as handling lost and found items. *Additional costs will be incurred depending on the content of the service.

IT utilization

We are constantly striving to optimize and improve the efficiency of our operations through the use of information technology.

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