01 - Outline

Wherever you are.
One community.

Nowhere Group Inc. is an one-stop provider of total services across the business of planning, design, operation, and management of small-scale lodging facilities throughout Japan.

02 - Philosophy


Through travel, the world becomes smaller and life becomes more enjoyable.

Connecting people to people, people to places, and people to things.
Connections create new ways of living and enrich our lives.

The world is full of beautiful landscapes and diverse cultures, and being able to connect with places and people around the world through travel is something that no other industry can offer.We aim to create a society where the hotels we create become one of the limited travel options (trips) for people's life, which makes people around the world smile, and live a happy life in their own way.


Delivering excitement through travel to as many people as possible.

A hotel is a place to discover a local brand and a base to connect "people to people", "people to places", and "people to things".

We will continue to create places where people can connect (meet) with the culture, scenery, food, and people that are unique to the location, with a focus on "planning" that makes our hotels a symbol of the travel destination and the region, "design" that reflects the planning and harmonizes with the local brand, and "management" that puts the customer first.


To create a unique, one and only company existing "Nowhere" ever:

1. Have fun
No matter what the content, we will do our best to have fun while working on it.

2. Speed and energy
We will accomplish what large companies cannot, and make an impact on the world based on the sense of speed that only a few selected can achieve.

3. To create smiles, excitement, and "thank you"
We aim to create a society where people around the world can smile and everyone can lead a fulfilling life in their own way.

4. Individual x individual (∞)
By bringing together the highly skilled individuals, we bring out unlimited possibilities.

5. Being aware of "why"
Cultivate a "reverse thinking" mindset, and always be aware of "why we are doing / what we are doing" in any task, so that we can achieve our goals without getting bogged down by the status quo.

03 - History

Established Nowhere LLC
"CLEANX9" service is launched.
"THE WORKATION HOTEL" service launched
"THE WORKATION HOTEL" appeared in Zenkoku Rental Housing Newspaper
Acquisition of Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business License
Acquisition of Housing Accommodation Management Business
Acquisition of antique dealer
Rebuild full-service hotel "Relaxia Izu Kogen" and achieve buyout
Started providing "Anywhere" service, an integrated service for small businesses
Started providing rental space business
Launched "Sharing VILLA" service
Started providing "1-room hotel lease" service, a small investment product
Total number of facilities planned/designed/operated exceeded 50
Relocated the head office to Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Changed company name to Nowhere Group K.K.
Total number of planned/designed/operated facilities exceeded 70

04 - CEO Message

Travel experience that communicates the quaities of the region and reaffirms Japan's attractiveness.

I have always loved to travel, and as a college student I traveled to about 30 countries in Europe, Asia, and other regions. As I met the people and cultures of various places, I realized that I wanted to create a hotel where people can experience the unique qualities of the region.

Utilizing the financial insight I gained at a securities company, as well as my expertise in restaurant management and private accommodation business, I established Nowhere LLC (now Nowhere Group Co., Ltd.) in order to develop a hotel that has never existed before.

We will continue to strive to provide a lodging and travel experience that will make more people in Japan and abroad rediscover the wonders of Japan by creating hotels that are rooted in the local community and that will bring our hotels closer to our guests.

After joining Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd. as a new graduate, Tsuyoshi Takeuchi worked in retail sales at the Jiyugaoka branch, and after five years there, he was appointed CEO and Representative Director of GRIPAS Corporation (formerly TEEP Corporation), where he managed restaurants, bridal-related businesses, and private accommodation businesses.

He was then appointed CEO and Representative Director of Nowhere Group, Inc. where he currently serves as CEO.

Tsuyoshi Takeuchi

05 - Compamy Profile

Copmpany name
Nowhere Group inc.
Tsuyoshi Takeuchi
June 17, 2019
U Square Takadanobaba 4F, 1-29-1 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Capital stock
JPY 5 million
Number of Employees
58(including part-time jobs)